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“CMG is committed to creating solutions that are a full realization of a client’s vision,
embracing the style that the client wants to achieve”
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CMG has a reputation for creating artful metal and glass elements for residential spaces, combining innovative solutions with masterful design. The stairways, skylights, greenhouses, and custom elements designed by CMG enhance the functionality of a space while embracing a style that is unique to a residence. CMG is committed to creating solutions that are a full realization of a client’s vision, embracing the style that the client wants to achieve while also allowing a piece to perform in a way that enhances the functionality of the space.

CMG’s expertise in residential architectural metal and glass includes:

Greenhouses are structures that are typically separate from a residence. They have an aluminum of iron frame and feature walls and ceilings made of windows. Traditionally, greenhouses are designed to use the sun’s light and heat to facilitate favorable conditions for growing plants, vegetables, fruits, and flowers. Greenhouses can be a dramatic addition to a residence, penthouse, or other building.
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Like greenhouses, skylights bring the outdoors in, by opening a ceiling or wall up to the sky. Skylights allow for natural lighting to enter the space, which is a huge draw for many residences that don’t have optimal lighting through more traditional windows. Skylights can create a dramatic effect in a space by drawing the outdoors in, and are perfect for many different types of residential spaces.
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  Stairs and Railings
The addition of artful stairways and railings can completely transform a space. In conjunction with flooring, an artful stairway and railing can add a stunning loft space over a main floor with particularly high ceilings. Further, metal and glass stairways can have a beautiful impact on a space by opening the walls between flights of stairs to light through glass.
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  Custom Residential Solutions
Many of CMG’s projects are custom projects that are born out of an idea or point of inspiration that a client has for his or her residence. CMG is drawn to determining issues within a space and using architectural metal and glass structures to address the problem while adding artistry to the space. No custom project is too big or small nor too complicated or easy for CMG.
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