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“Creating pieces offsite allows CMG (Custom Metal and Glass) to employ
a high level of quality control toward the project.”
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CMG has created a smooth workflow that ensures top-notch quality control, an economical approach to time, and superior end results.

Step 1:
Following an initial contact via phone or email, CMG requests the specifications on the project from the client.
Step 2:
The CMG team visits and evaluates the space and talks with the client about the vision for the space and the goals of the project.
Step 3:
The CMG team creates a proposal for the project.
Step 4:
The proposal is sent to the client for approval.
Step 5:
Once the proposal is approved, a contract is created and signed by both parties.
Step 6:
With everything signed off on, the project moves on into production. Using the project plans, the CMG team actually brings everything together offsite in their fabrication shop.
Step 7:
The project is therefore delivered completed and only takes one or two days to install. One day the canopy, skylight, or entranceway is not there – the next day, it is.
  This approach to process brings innumerable benefits to the client. Most importantly, it saves the client from a disrupted space. Many companies abstain from updating spaces because of the obstruction that many weeks of construction create. By doing the bulk of the creation offsite, CMG allows the client to hardly experience a disruption at all.

Further, creating pieces offsite allows CMG to employ a high level of quality control toward the project. Every piece is inspected with CMG’s own inspection tools right there in the fabrication shop. Nothing goes to the client site before it is in perfect condition, allowing for success in each installation.

CMG’s general approach to work is to simplify the process while remaining detail oriented. Simple solutions such as a process that focuses on ease for the client are what have so quickly built an impeccable reputation for CMG.
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