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“Modern, artful glass installations, expertly executed façades, and transformative entrances, lobbies, stairways, and foyers are just some of the incredible works of art created by CMG.”
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Architectural metal and glass design is a transformative craft that breathes new life into a space. For building, residence, and business owners across the greater NYC area, CMG has helped to discover new possibilities through innovative design and revolutionary use of metal and glass.

If you are a business, residence, or building owner who is considering undertaking an architectural metal and glass project in your space, it can be helpful to understand the architectural metal and glass industry and how it works.

For more information about CMG’s process, visit the FAQs section below. For more information about terms and trends relating to architectural metal and glass, the common terms and article sections below may be extremely helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions
In this section, you will discover many of the questions that previous clients of CMG have asked at the beginning of a project. If you have questions that are not covered in this section, do not hesitate to reach out to CMG at 646.863.7217.
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Related Articles
In this section, you may browse a collection of articles that feature trends and other current happenings in the world of architectural metal and glass.
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Glossary of Terms
In this section, you may find terms that are commonly used in the architectural metal and glass design, fabrication, and installation processes. Familiarity with these terms can help you to better navigate an architectural metal and glass project.
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