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“In the fabrication shop, quality control tests are
applied to each and every aspect of a project.”
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CMG operates out of several private fabrication shops for all metal and glass projects. These various private fabrication shops have numerous capabilities and offer superior fabrication in a diverse range of products including canopies, facades and staircases as well as the smaller parts that make up a project such as hinges and brackets.

CMG is dedicated to end results that are not just innovative in their design, but are also dependable in their quality. From structural building canopies all the way down to small brackets, the technicians at CMG’s fabrication shops give every single piece the same level of care and attention and hold each element – big or small – to the same uncompromised standard of quality. In the fabrication shop, quality control tests are applied to each and every aspect of a project. Nothing leaves the shop bound for the project site without first passing a variety of tests to prove it is up to CMG’s standards.

CMG fabricates all project pieces in private shops, allowing for CMG’s engineers, technicians, architects, and designers to all have first-hand access to a project as it is being created. The collaborative nature of CMG projects – the ideal that the company was originally founded upon – is what sets CMG’s portfolio apart from other portfolios. The innovation that comes from the partnership of these great minds and experts can only be described as artful.

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