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“CMG’s commercial products and solutions
are designed to embrace both functionality and splendor.”
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CMG is known across the greater New York City business community as an expert crafter in architectural metal and glass. CMG has brought breathtaking solutions to all types of New York City businesses, fusing masterful new design with historic architecture and creating a seamless relationship between the two. CMG’s commercial products and solutions are designed to embrace both functionality and splendor, making these breathtaking pieces luxurious necessities for the buildings that they become part of.

CMG’s unique approach to fabrication was created with the flow of business at the forefront of concerns. CMG fabricates all of its custom metal and glass pieces in its own fabrication shop, arriving to the site with a fully formed piece that is ready for installation. This innovative approach avoids disruption at the work site, allowing businesses to continue work up until and immediately after the new piece is installed.

CMG’s architectural metal and glass solutions include:

Architectural canopies are structures that protrude from a building either for decorative purposes or to create some sort of protection from weather or other elements. Canopies can be constructed of either steel or glass and can be simple and modern or extremely detailed and classic in their design. Architectural canopies are designed so as to carry a load and to perform in accordance with building codes.
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Skylights, which are essentially windows that are situated in a ceiling, make a beautiful and sometimes dramatic addition to commercial spaces by adding to the amount of natural lighting that enters the space. Skylights bring the outdoors inside. They are ideal for offices, stores, restaurants, and lobbies where natural lighting is minimal due to the architecture of the overall space. Skylights offer a solid solution for those wishing to infuse a commercial space with more natural lighting without adding windows to the exterior walls of the space.
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  Building Facades
A facade is a covering that is added to a building to give a dramatic or artful appearance and to deflect weather elements from the building. Facades are both decorative and functional. CMG works with stone, glass, metal, and combinations thereof for building facades for commercial properties in New York City. CMG’s deep understanding of the engineering involved in creating structures that effectively deflect water and other weather-related elements assists CMG in creating building effective building facades.
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  Stairs and Railings
Artful stairs and railings can make a huge impact on the overall character of a space, particularly in commercial properties. Architectural metal and glass stairways have the ability to completely transform a space, opening up new possibilities for design and style while linking multiple floors of a business. Stairways and railings made of glass, wood, and metal are beautiful additions to all types of commercial spaces including apartment buildings, hotels, offices, stores, and more.
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  Entrances, Lobbies and Foyers
The entrance, lobby, and foyer of a commercial space largely sets the tone for the company housed within it. Skillful design in both decorative and functional elements within an entrance, lobby, or foyer of a commercial space is of utmost importance as it provides the first character impression of the company to a client or visitor. For this reason, CMG embraces innovative architectural metal and glass design in entrances, lobbies, and foyers.
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  Custom Commercial Solutions
CMG is prepared to take on any architectural metal and glass challenge that a New York City business presents. The expert designers and fabricators in CMG’s fabrication shop have worked on a wide range of solutions for commercial businesses.
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